A brief introduction to the application of floating hoop shoes


A floating shoe, a floating hoop, is a kind of casing shoe or hoop that produces buoyancy. Because of the high temperature resistance of floating shoes or floating hoops, good sealing and drillability and convenient connection, it can replace the shoes, casing shoes and so on. Floating shoes or hoops can be used not only for general technical cannula and oil casing, but also for deep well, ultra deep well and special process well.  

The floating shoes are attached to the end of the casing string instead of the shoes. From the guide shoe and the back pressure valve function. The hoop is connected to the end of the sleeve 20~30 meters from the end of the sleeve. Has a supporting ring and a back pressure valve function. The float shoe consists of a shoe body, floating ball, ball guide shoe, cement composition.

The inner structure of the floating hoop and the floating shoe is basically the same. The upper and lower ends of the hoop are all API casing threads.