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The new single-stage Casing Head

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The new single-stage casing head has novel design, simple structure, quick operation, reliable performance, large load suspension, etc.


The new single-stage Casing Head

This casing head of the main features:
 1, the body and the hangers are made of 35CrMo and quenched forging, pressure safety coefficient;
 2, casing without dismantling the blowout preventer, to eliminate the empty well hidden under the casing;
 3, the housing diameter Φ = 65mm ;, bypass can be seat to win the title after the outer loop live cementing operations, to avoid the tube can not occur seated hidden;
 4, in the whole process of drilling, blowout preventer is installed only once, reducing the labor intensity,
 And can shorten the drilling cycle, reduce drilling costs.
 5, blowout preventers and choke manifold after the first installation no change in its height, simplifying security
 Install the program and be able to meet the provisions of well control "to ensure that the four-way exit is always the same" requirements.
 6, casing head annulus sealing performance, the primary seal: copper cone when pressed close, long-term sealing performance, the secondary seal to "O" type rubber oil seals, airtight performance.
 7, with anti-fall device, unloading landing section, not down to open the lower portion of the sleeve.

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